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3 Tips To Elevate Your Travel Content

A creative rut can strike at any moment, and most of the time the easiest cure is pulling inspiration from other creative outlets! No matter how advanced you are in your photography, it's never too late to learn. Or, at the very least, be reminded of the photo fundamentals you started out with! Now, part of the joy of travel is also the experience, and it's important to have fun and photograph off the cuff, candid shots as well! So don't take these as the end all be all. These are simply a suggestion if you're looking to up your game in your shot type, composition or framing.

Tip #1: Look For Triangles

Look for Triangles

Part of the beauty of photography and the essence of travel photos is the lack of staging. In order to get the perfect candid vacation pictures, it's important to keep a sharp eye for natural shapes. Triangles, whether in nature or by chance, really help to elevate a photo. I really love the placement of the subjects above, not only in the shape that they're creating but in their varied depths as well. It makes what might've been a simple photo of three women talking into, artistically, one of my favorite pictures of the day!

Tip #2: naturally frame your subject

Naturally Frame Photos

Add some flare to otherwise one dimensional photos by using your surroundings to frame your subject. A mirror, nearby window or architectural feature can all be used to add some dimension. My personal favorite is the middle photo, which not only showcases the street below but the beautiful architecture of the building in my foreground! Now, I did have to get pretty low to the ground to get this show, but I felt like it was worth it to look a little ridiculous. And, I got a unique perspective on the street that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise!


Tip #3: Change the way you record

Unfortunately, this tip can only be put into effect if you have an iPhone, but I'm sure there's a way to access this feature on other devices! iPhone actually has a built in stabilizer in their camera that has been invaluable during my travels. Instead of recording the traditional way, film your videos by holding down on the photo button.

Now, the only draw back in filming this way is that your photos will NOT be in the traditional 9:16 aspect ratio. This means if you're planning on using this video for socials, you'll want to account for some buffer room to crop your video, which will be in 3:4 aspect ratio. Now, when videos are filmed this way, iPhone stabilizes the video for you. It's a fantastic life feature, especially for impromptu video-ops when you don't have time to assemble additional equipment.


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