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Product Driven Small Businesses on Social Media

I often have meetings with clients, who pitch fantastic social campaigns, but close their pitch with “...but I’ve seen that already.” This is the phrase that is stopping so many product driven small businesses from thriving in a social media space.

Why Small Businesses?

Small businesses, more often than not, are marketing to a niche audience who want a high quality product. With that being said, these businesses are not inventing a new product from scratch. But, they're adding their design flare, expertise and unique eye that makes their product stand out. Let's say you're a small jewelry shop, you didn't invent the bracelet, but you invented the bracelet by you. It's might seem obvious, yes small businesses aren't inventing the product but the "look" of it, but it's crucial to point out. Understanding this point will help propel you into social media success!

Originality in the Digital Age

A quote I live by is, “It’s all been done before, but not by you.” This phrase, knowingly or not, fuels the product driven small business industry. Yes, bracelets have been sold before…but never by YOU! Thankfully, this philosophy encourages unique artisans to all produce the same product but in their own way. With all of this being said, it’s important for product driven small business owners to allow this philosophy to translate to their marketing techniques! You’re already halfway there, take the extra step and make that first Tik Tok! Yes, it’s been done before. Odds are, the product you’re selling has been too. But never by YOU! Take pride in the social content you produce, and learn to view it as an art form all on its own. Once you see the artisanship in your social media marketing, it’s easy to justify. Yes, those trends have been done before, but never by you or about your product. Allowing the individuality that inspired you to start a small business to fuel your social media content will make production significantly easier. Next time you have an idea for marketing content, don’t get stuck on wondering if it’s been done before. It has. But never by you!


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