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Why 'Get Ready With Me' Videos Work So Well

Something that’s been taking the social media world by storm is the “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) video. Popular Tik Toker Alix Earle is a major proponent of this trend’s success, but the GRWM has more depth than your average trend. Typically, when types of videos are trending, the fact that they’re trending keeps them…trending (say that three times fast). It’s a little meta, but the popularity in it of itself manifests even more popularity. While this is true of GRWM videos, there’s more to it than that! Let's break it down.

Why Do They Work?

GRWM combines two video types that are as old as video sharing itself: “storytimes” and makeup tutorials. Both of these videos have been evolving since the dawn of YouTube, so it’s no surprise that the combination of these two is reaching overwhelming success.

The videos start out, typically with one (in)famous headband, and a killer hook. The most noteworthy have been breakups, first dates and even a trip to juvie. So, right off the bat, it’s important to hook your viewer into your story with a punchy first line. But then, similar to the lulling effect of a baby sensory video, you’re not so much paying attention to the story as you’re watching a makeup tutorial. Or, you’re not so much watching a makeup tutorial as you’re listening to a crazy story. You’re more prone to watch a full GRWM video than a storytime with the exact same dialogue because of the distracting element. Similarly, you’re more likely to watch this makeup tutorial versus others without the story because of the distraction.

Why Should You Do It?

As an influencer, GRWM videos should become your new best friend. Not only is your audience distracted by this story you’re telling, but they’ve just been exposed to 5-15 linkable items that don’t feel disingenuous. It’s a genius way to link products without making the viewer feel like they’re being sold to. But when someone comments asking for a product, you have an affiliate link ready for them to click! Just make sure you’re careful how you answer comments!

I Don’t Do Makeup…Help!

Ok, so makeup isn’t your thing. That’s ok! The popularity of GRWM videos proves that combining any passive action with a thought provoking story is a great way to grow your community! Tend to your garden, cook a meal, do a hairstyle, paint a picture…any action specific to your niche will work! Just make sure you have a good story to tell!

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